A word about "Animal Rights" and YOUR right to own and love your pets.

Those of us who own and love pets are increasingly under siege by the radical animal "rights" movement. Make no mistake, these organizations and their members are NOT friends of yours nor are they friends to your animals. They couldn't care less about animal WELFARE; their goal is the eventual and complete eradication of ALL interaction between animals and humans, and that includes pet ownership.

Beware of "guardianship language". It hides an agenda which states that pets are "enslaved" and that your animals are "better dead than in captivity".

 Guardianship language is a direct connection to militant animal rights legislation and its goal of severing the human/animal bond.

Once legislation is passed granting animals personhood status, you will no longer be allowed to own them, make your own decisions regarding diet, medical care etc.

Government agencies will be created to do it for you. You won’t even have the right to decide whether to spay/neuter your pet, when to do this, or how to vaccinate.

NEVER leave your dogs unattended in your yard, and if you show, NEVER leave your dog alone in its crate. These people have been known to infiltrate dog shows and other events and "free" the crated animals to run out in the roads loose where they are often killed by cars. Animals have been poisoned as well.

"Better dead than captive", remember? These people truly believe they are “liberating” your pet.

These groups don't want clean cages, they want empty cages. They do not want you to own a dog or a cat, or any other animal. They don't care that you love your pets, they sleep on the bed with you or that you have a special credit card JUST for veterinary care; they want you to not have that animal in your life, period.

One current project is the enforced spaying and neutering of ALL pets. This effort, called Mandatory Spay/Neuter (MSN) has been proven to actually CAUSE more homeless pets and euthanasias, as owners are unable to comply. Increased tracking via microchips and licensing, as well as vet records are also on tap and coming to a city near you.

"One generation then out" is the Manta of radical animal rights zealots; if everything is spayed and neutered, there will be no more pets.  If reputable breeders are no longer allowed to breed dogs, YOU will not be able to come to me for a puppy, or a rescued Samoyed.

I would love nothing more than to make this website ALL about fun, happy times, and the celebration of my relationships with my beloved dogs and cats, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We can no longer remain asleep at the wheel about these issues; these organizations mean business and their business is to deprive us and our pets of each other's company...and by ANY means necessary.

The time for action is TODAY. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you. If you love your pets, take action on their behalf NOW. They cannot defend themselves; you must do it for them.

Here is some information on this site for you to start your education and activism on your pets’  behalf. More links and information will be added as time goes by.

Let us begin with the Humane Society of the United States, which is NOT your local "Humane Society":

Please forward this to all your email groups and share with as many people as you can reach...not just your dog friends, but anyone who might care
about pets enough to want to help by making a donation during a disaster.

Three years ago, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) mounted a gigantic fundraising campaign.

They raised $32 million and have still not accounted for most of that money.

Many pet rescuers who went to the Gulf Coast to help animals found
themselves actually hindered by HSUS.

The bottom line is that this organization *already takes in millions* which they do not use in helping animals. They do not run shelters, and in fact they compete with shelters for donation dollars.

They raised money to "help Michael Vick's dogs" when they were not involved in the care of those dogs at all -- they took that fundraiser off their site when it became obvious they would be accused to fraud. Details about both the Katrina and Michael Vick fundraisers can be found at

It's time to stop the scam.

In normal times, give to your local shelters. They will nearly always use the money for actual animal care. Please investigate any charity you send money to after a disaster, Wait a few days and find an organization based in the area that needs help.


For further information about HSUS and Katrina:





Or just Google:  "HSUS misuse funds Katrina"

And for those who live in Los Angeles, if you think you can trust your veterinarian:

Duplicate health certificates are going to Los Angeles Animal Services!   

From minutes:
"For example, we are notifying all veterinarians in the City that they are required to send rabies certificates, with owner name and address, to the
Department." (Los Angeles Animal Services)

Minutes of Animal Services 6/30/08 from page 4 ~ first paragraph:

http://www.laanimal services. org/PDF/commissi on/2008/6_ 30_08%20Minutes. pdf

Some more links to get you started: