Royal & Krystal                                               1985




              Christmas 1993                                B.I.S.S. SC San Diego



                                     Royal and his cat, Merry Alyce.



                         Am. Can. Ch. Alta's Special Royal Edition, B.I.S.S.

        Am.Can.Mex.Ch.Silveracres Special Edition B.I.S.S. X Am.Can.Mex.Ch.Alta's Trace Of Silver

                                                              Breeder: Ann Hamlin

                                                                      OFA Hips:  SA-6551 (Good)

Royal was my soulmate, confidante, road partner and best friend for only 15 years. It seemed but a few moments and he was gone much too soon. He was a therapy dog, a show dog, a teacher, and a miracle I will forever be grateful to have had share a part of my life's journey. I was so proud the day he won Best In Specialty in San Diego in 1991 from Veteran class; he was 8 years old and I could barely keep up with him around the ring, and I was in good shape in those days! He loved dog shows and the applause that he just knew HAD to be for him.  He left some enormous pawprints on my heart, and on the hearts of everyone he met, and I will miss his deep, magnificent 5000 year old eyes forever. Royal was collected and will be used sparingly with my girls in the future.



                              Royal's Pedigree:

                 +--Am. Ch. Yurok of Whitecliff 
Am. Ch. Rokandi of Drayalene 
            |   +--
Am. Ch. Silver Crest's Sikandi 
Am. Ch. Nachalnik of Drayalene  SA-11 
        |   |  +--White Frost's Tybo 
        |   +--Drayalene's Clarisse 
        |       +--
Am. Ch. White Way's Juliet O'Snow Ridge 
BISS Am. Can. Mex. Ch. Silveracres Special Edition  SA-2945-T
    |   |      +--Am. Can. Mex. Ch. Danlyn's Silver Coronet 
    |   |   +--Coronet's Silver Commando
    |   |   | +--Danlyn's Silver Snow
    |   +--
Am. Ch. Tasidi's Peaches 'N' Cream 
    |       |   +--
Am. Ch. Coronet's Alii of the North 
    |       +--Tasha Kahn
    |            +--Little Shiska's Huffs Puff
BISS Am. Can. Ch. Alta's Special Royal Edition  SA-6551 
    |            +--
Am. Can. Ch. Kendara's Tora Togiak 
    |       +--
Am. Can. Ch. Czartu of Kendaraland  SA-1939-T 
    |       |  +--
Am. Ch. Sho-off's Nakki of Whitecliff 
    |   +--
Mex. Am. Can. Ch. Dushanbe's Trace of Silver  SA-3392 
    |   |   | +--
Am. Ch. Count Togwotee of Pinehill 
    |   |   +--Am. Ch. Silvertip's Dixie Fasination 
    |   |       +--Am. Ch. Ka-tag's Memory In Silver 
Am. Can. Mex. Ch. Alta's Trace of Silver  SA-5155 
        |        +--
Am. Ch. Nachalnik of Drayalene 
        |   +--
BISS Am. Can. Mex. Ch. Silveracres Special Edition 
        |   |  +--
Am. Ch. Tasidi's Peaches 'N' Cream 
        +--High Star
            |   +--Rexann's Mr. Symba O'Edelweiss
            +--Rexann's Pixie Cher V Silver  SA-3076
                +--Silver Silhouette of Mister  SA-2954


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