Yup....there was only one Merlin!



Merlin looking at life from his unique perspective. Christy raised him from a 9 week old kitten so he thinks he is a Samoyed, and at 21 pounds, he was about halfway there! Walked well on lead, loved rides in the car, went to dog shows , fetched, chased the dogs, and came when he was called. Sometimes.
Merlin was an FUS (Feline Urological Syndrome) cat. As long as he stayed on his special diet and lots of filtered water, he maintained excellent health. Merlin had traveled to many interesting places from coast to coast, and into Canada & Mexico with us to many dog shows over the years. He loved car rides and traveling, and if a kitten is raised this way, any cat will like riding in the car.

Merlin was an indoor cat for his safety. We live in rural, semi-wilderness area so our cats do best indoors. Click green button below to see and hear video of Merlin purring.


 Merlin Kitty on the dining table.


Merlin & Holly



 This is MY cardboard box!

 A relaxing day at home.


Merlin liked catnip from Vices & Spices Tea Shop in Santa Barbara, and he also enjoyed coleslaw, and raw carrots from time to time. Thank you Linda Miller for rescuing Merlin's mother Trippy Tippy, and taking such good care of her, then giving me Little Bitty Merlin Kitty when he was old enough to leave home.


He was the best cat ever and I miss him every day. To go to Merlin's Rainbow Bridge page, please go to:

Special thanks to Beth Szillagyi for providing the space on her Rainbow Bridge pages for Merlin's memorial I wrote after he passed, and the two pictures I took of him a few years ago. Please consider purchasing Beth's wonderful book "Notes from Rainbow Bridge" with more info elsewhere on the same site Merlin's tribute appears.


And then one day
A magic day, he passed my way
          And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me
"The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return"

Nature Boy: lyrics/music: Eden Ahbez



Merlin Kitty and his stuffy!



Beautiful blue eyes.

 In the sunshine.

 Merlin & me in Yosemite

 Merlin at the Continental Divide. A well-traveled cat!


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