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Smokey was adopted from the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society October 1st, 2007.

After the loss of our wonderful Duke, we all came to the decision that the time had come to adopt a new family member, so off to the shelter we went. The SYVHS is a beautiful, homey, clean facility and the cat area is a lovely indoor/outdoor area. The outdoor area is fully contained with chainlink fencing, even on top, so the cats are completely safe from predators. Cat condos, shelves, hammocks, beanbags, carpet lined tubes and trees, toys, blankets, and benches are but a few of the wonderful enrichment and comfort items available to the cats. Litter trays and dishes are spotless, water bowls are full and immaculate, and the cats are calm and healthy. For more information please visit: Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society  and see for yourself.

My brother & I were first greeted by a very sweet little shorthaired grey and white guy on a carpeted shelf at eye level who rolled over on his back, purring, and reached out with a paw for attention. I petted him and he licked my hand and purred and purred. I walked further out into the enclosure to look at all the cats and the little grey and white guy stayed on his shelf in the sun.

Smokey's name was Radar at the time, and he picked us. He zeroed in on me followed me around like a dog, chirping and chattering away, then jumped up and put his front paws on me and stretched as tall as possible to push his head under my hand. He is a large cat, probably 14+ inches or so tall at the withers and at least 16 pounds or so, and looks like he has a Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon somewhere in his ancestry. His personality is strong and fearless and he never stopped demanding to be noticed, and with the amazing array of gorgeous, friendly cats at the shelter, he had to work pretty hard at it!

My brother looked at me as I sat with this big cat in my lap and said: "This is the one."

I had a hard time. I really liked Radar, but I also liked the smaller grey and white fellow who first greeted me, and who also seemed to be following Radar around a lot as if they were good pals...but we were only there for one cat. I then learned that Radar had already been there for quite some time, and decided that the grey and white guy was young, personable and would find a home pretty quickly, and that Radar was big and doglike enough that he'd fit in well with my Samoyeds, as well. And he picked me. There is no denying some things...and he was such a spectacular personality.

As Bill was jumping through the hoops and signing the paperwork up front, I chatted with the volunteer and learned that (Oh no!) the little grey and white guy came in with Radar from the same home. They weren't littermates, but they were "brothers" in that they grew up together and were surrendered to the shelter together. The grey and white cat's name was Corporal Klinger in the television series M.A.S.H. Radar and Klinger.

We kept looking at each other as we spoke with the shelter workers and filled out paperwork, and gathered up Radar and put him in his carrier for the ride home. Klinger looked at us through the window as if to say: "Did you forget someone?"

It was all over. Bill and I went home and called a family meeting and it was decided then and there that we would return the next morning for Klinger. Bill called the shelter and put a hold on Klinger.

Klinger: adopted 10/2/2007

Suddenly, three cats doesn't seem so strange. There is no way we could break up the team. When Bill brought Klinger home the next morning, the reunion was touching and sweet; we all spent a long night that first night, and I'm sure Radar and Klinger's night was the longest of all! But all is well now.

Radar has settled in beautifully, and has taken to following my mother around much as Duke used to do. Klinger is more playful and kittenish and loves zooming around the house. Merlin was decidedly underwhelmed by them both.

Holly, Merlin and Radar enjoy a morning in the living room.

If you want a great cat, the shelter has many to choose from, and one...or even two...will be just right for your family. Our cats are all indoor cats for their safety, but there are plenty of toys, dogs and humans to play with, so they are kept busy.

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