Ann Hamlin

Dedicated to my friend & mentor, Ann Hamlin, the original owner of Alta Kennels, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on New Year's Day in 1984. Ann left behind a lot of memories, some beautiful dogs, and many friends. I still miss her and am eternally grateful for her friendship and examples as a mentor. I hope I am in some way able to continue to pay it forward.
This is Ann with Goldie: Am.Can.Mex.Ch.Alta's Special Gold Edition. After Ann went to the Bridge, Goldie lived with me until she died at age 14, acting as surrogate aunt to all the younger bitches, teaching them the ropes of how to be a grrrl and run things. She was 35 pounds of pure dynamite and I still miss her. Sadly, we have none of her descendants but she lives on in our hearts as one of our most influential grrls for her marvelous teaching skills!


Am.Can.Mex.Ch.Silveracres Special Edition, B.I.S.S.

This is Ann with Honey, Royal's father, winning Best In Specialty at Samoyed Club of Los Angeles in 1977 under judge Nicholas Kay. A BIG moment! Honey was a beautiful and sweet dog, but had a mischievous side to him that always made us laugh.

Am.Can.Mex.Ch. Alta's Trace of Silver

Ann with Tracy, Royal's mother. Tracy was a good-sized girl, right near the top of the standard. When the lumberyard behind the kennel developed a rodent problem, Tracy made sure they stayed at the lumberyard!


Can.Am.Mex.Ch. Dushanbe's Trace of Silver.

This is Ann with Ryan, Royal's maternal grandfather.

Bred by Linda Cross Johnson of Dushanbe Samoyeds in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ryan came to Ann to be shown in the U.S. & Mexico. Ann fell in love with Ryan and Linda graciously allowed him to live out the rest of his 13 years with Ann. Ryan loved watching television and eating baked potatoes.


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