~Stoney Burke~


Ch. Azteca's Stoney Burke


Ch.Azteca's Mouseketeer X Ch. Azteca's Waterford Krystle

Breeders: Joan, Connie & Paula Luna

Stoney owned the hearts of: The Luna Family

 I first saw Stoney as a 4 month old puppy, and immediately fell in love with him. He was a very bold little fellow, trotting around the room, greeting all the company as if they had all come just to see him. He was a happy puppy, in addition to being very sound and very beautiful, and had the most stunning black almond-shaped, perfectly-set eyes I could ever remember seeing on any dog before.

Since his breeders were very wisely not about to part with him, I settled for waiting until he and my Christy were old enough to put a few titles under their collars and pass their health exams. When this happened, I did the breeding that gave me the dogs we have here today.

Stoney not only passed on those fabulous eyes, he gave us the leg and movement we needed, and a few very adorable personality traits like "The Stoney Roll", which is (for lack of a better description) a sort of headstand. His kids do it, his grandkids and other descendants do it, and until you've seen it, you would never believe a dog can get into a position like that, let alone as an attention getting measure.

Without this beautiful dog and his legacy of Specialty-winning, sound and beautiful kids, we would not have what we do here today.

Thank you Stoney, for our kids and 14+ great years!

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