~Am. Mex. & FCI. (CACIB) Int'l. Champion Holly,CGC, HIC~



                                                                                                         Holly's First to-do tube!


Holly online (4 months old) & in 2000.                                   The Diva (Deb Fiedler photo)



Holly at Shasta K.C.                                                                    Holly at home: 2005


          Air Holly!                                         Kern County KC: Best Opp from Bred-By

   (Terry Schaffer photo)


                                    Thank you breeder-judge Mrs. Joyce Johnson-Eiler!


~NEW CHAMPION! ~                                      

               Thank you judge Dr. Klaus Anselm & ALL

                                                          our supportive friends and family!



Today you, Max, Sasha and Luke are 12!

And you are STILL surfing the kitchen counter!



Like most of my dogs, Holly was named after a song. You may have heard Glenn Miller's signature tune "Moonlight Serenade", but what you may NOT know is that it has lyrics which are just as lovely as the music itself.

Holly is now 11 years of age and at age 10 1/2 and already an AKC Champion, CGC and HIC, came out of retirement and took a Mexican vacation with me. She finished her Mexican and FCI International Championships in 4 shows with 4 Bests of Breed and two Group wins, owner-breeder handled by me. Unknown to me at the time, this achievement ranked her as the #1 Samoyed in Mexico.

Known to me for these past 11 years however, Holly is #1 in my heart. She has done everything I have ever asked of her, and then went the extra mile and did more, always with a smile and always in her own unique way.  She is my joy and the very air I breathe, and the very embodiment of determination, courage in the face of adversity and challenge, and elan. I would wish that everyone reading this could know and love one dog in your life like this one; I am blessed beyond measure by this pearl of great price.

Here are the lyrics her song:

I stand at your gate and the song that I sing is of moonlight
I stand and I wait for the touch of your hand in the June night
The roses are sighing a Moonlight Serenade.

The stars are aglow and tonight how their light sets me dreaming.
My love, do you know that your eyes are like stars brightly beaming?
I bring you and I sing you a Moonlight Serenade

Let us stray till break of day in love's valley of dreams.
Just you and I, a summer sky, a heavenly breeze kissin' the trees.

So don't let me wait, come to me tenderly in the June night.
I stand at your gate and I sing you a song in the moonlight
A love song, my darling, a Moonlight Serenade.


                      Am. Mex. FCI. (CACIB) Ch. Alta's Moonlight Serenade, HIC-s, CGC


            Ch. Azteca's Stoney Burke X Mex. FCI (CACIB) Ch. Alta's Sunrise Serenade

                        Holly is a homebred champion and lives here with me and my family.

OFAHips: SA-13501G35F-PI (Good)

CERF: SA-2868/2006
OFA Cardiac Certification: SA-CA41/57F/C-

OPTIGEN: XL-PRA Clear/Normal. Accession # 06-8373

OFA DNA PRA Genotype Clearance: SA-PRA99/109FPI

CHIC Registry # 35182 (Canine Health Information Center)

Holly has 200 points towards her WS and will be working on the rest of the required points in the coming year.

Holly is my heartbeat and my joy. She is a very athletic, bright, bold, healthy and versatile girl with a variety of interests. She is also an active working dog, herding livestock here on the farm. She enjoys showing her strength and endurance in weight-pulls at the SCA national and in scootering whenever the opportunity arises.

She also loves dog shows, because she thinks everyone is there to visit her.  When she was 10,  she took a break from retirement and attended FCI shows in Mexico at age 10 1/2 years, where she finished her Mexican and FCI Championships in four shows with Best of Breed each day and Group Placements two days in tough International competition against dogs a fraction of her age, proving that quality lasts. 

Holly and her brother Max follow in their mother Christy's pawprints in the family tradition of International competition and titleholding.

She enjoys life here , looking after her daughter Poppy, her humans and the other animals, including her cats. 


~Holly's Pedigree~


                    +--Am. Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Wescana Guy  SA-5019G-T 
            +--Am. Can. Ch. Image's the Barrister Am. C.D.  SA-6734G25M 
            |   +--Am. Ch. Christori's Sparkette's Image  SA-5472
Am. Ch. Azteca's Mouseketeer  SA-9460G37M 
        |   |  +--
Am. Ch. Blue Sky's Simply Smashing  SA-5650 
        |   +--
BIS BISS Am. Ch. Sitkin's Simply Scrumptious  SA-6911G25F
        |       +--
Am. Ch. Sitkin's Stardust Melody  SA-5878 
Am. Ch. Azteca's Stoney Burke  SA-10533G49M 
    |   |      +--
BISS BIS Am. Ch. Ice Way's Ice Breaker  SA-3972 
    |   |   +--
Am. Ch. Blue Sky's Simply Smashing  SA-5650 
    |   |      +--
Am. Can. Ch. Blue Sky's Pound Cake  SA-4118 
    |   +--
Am. Ch. Azteca's Waterford Krystle  SA-7153G24F 
    |       |  +--
BISS BIS Am. Ch. Kolinka's Quilted Bear  SA-4910 
    |       +--
Am. Ch. Holiday's La Belle Candida  SA-5879 
    |           +--
Am. Ch. Silveracres Holiday's Belle  SA-3534
+--Am. Mex.& FCI.(CACIB)Ch. Alta's Moonlight Serenade CGC, HIC  SA-13501G35F-PI 
    |           +--Eng. Ch. Sworddale's Silver Minstrel of Annecy
    |       +--Storm Prince of Annecy
    |       |  +--Anibo Anastasia
    |   +--The Ambassador of Annecy  SA-8441G56M 
    |   |  |  +--
Eng. Ch. The Kingmaker of Annecy 
    |   |   +--Albamara Sea Coral of Annecy
    |   |       +--
Eng. Ch. Fairvilla Crystal Rose
Mex.& FCI (CACIB) Ch. Alta's Sunrise Serenade  SA-11103G79F-T 
        |        +--Snopaw's W Solstice O'Kauzja  SA-5842-T
        |   +--Snopaw's Maverick of Aragorn
        |   |   +--Sansaska's Coterie of Snopaw  SA-7012G29F
        +--Rainbow's Rose of Royal Ridge  SA-8476G24F 
              |   +--
Am. Ch. Snopaw's Sun Solo O'Rickshaw  SA-3957 
            +--Royal Ridge Rainbow's Bouquet
                   +--Easter Blossom of Kauzja


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