~Mex. & FCI (CACIB) Ch.Christy~

Photo by: Susan Fewlass

Mex. & FCI (CACIB) Ch.Alta's Sunrise Serenade

The Ambassador of Annecy X Rainbow's Rose of Royal Ridge

Breeder: Gay Coleman Collins


Hips: SA-11103GF79-T (Good)

Cardiac: SA-CA2/86F/PT Normal

CERF: SA-1607/97

Christy left way too soon. Had she stayed 100 years it would have been not enough time by half. She was my joy, my heart and soul, and I will miss her always. She was my treasured English Rose who was in bloom every day of her life and beyond. I am grateful beyond words for the time we shared together.

She left an incredible legacy behind in not just her descendants, but in the indelible pawprints she left on my heart. She was grace, poetry, and all that was beautiful in one amazing package.Thank you Gay and Dick Collins for letting her come to live with me; there are no words to express how special Christy was, is and will always be.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of
power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the
messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable
love. -  Washington Irving


                                                                    S.C.A. National 1998                                                                                        Mexico at the CACIB shows


N.C.S.F. 9-12 puppy 1st                                              On the dash of my truck at the beach





Ch. Christy's Pedigree

                  +--Sworddale Silver Skate
            +--Eng. Ch. Sworddale's Silver Minstrel of Annecy
            |   +--Eng. Ch. Snowheron Serena of Sworddale and Annecy 
        +--Storm Prince of Annecy
        |   |   +--Fairvilla Kaifas
        |   +--Anibo Anastasia
        |       +--Lealsam Snow Poppy
    +--The Ambassador of Annecy SA-8441G56M 
    |   |       +--Sworddale Silver Regent 
    |   |   +--Eng. Ch. The Kingmaker of Annecy 
    |   |   |   +--Eng. Ch. Northcape Simona of Annecy 
    |   +--Albamara Sea Coral of Annecy
    |       |   +--Eng. Ch. Fairvilla Taras Bulba 
    |       +--Eng. Ch. Fairvilla Crystal Rose
    |           +--Fairvilla Lorraine
+--Mex. Int.(FCI) Ch. Alta's Sunrise Serenade  SA-11103G79F-T 
    |           +--Am. Ch. Snopaw's Sun Solo O'Rickshaw 
    |       +--Snopaw's W Solstice O'Kauzja SA-5842-T 
    |       |   +--Mjærumhøgdas Huldra SA-5843-T
    |   +--Snopaw's Maverick of Aragorn
    |   |   |   +--Am. Ch. Snopaw's Raid on Kauzja
    |   |   +--Sansaska's Coterie of Snopaw SA-7012G29F 
    |   |       +--Am. Ch. Sansaska's Marzipan 
    +--Rainbow's Rose of Royal Ridge SA-8476G24F 
        |       +--BISS Am. Ch. Rickshaw's Suntori 
        |   +--Am. Ch. Snopaw's Sun Solo O'Rickshaw SA-3957 
        |   |   +--Am. Ch. Snopaw's Smudge O'Honey 
        +--Royal Ridge Rainbow's Bouquet
            |   +--Am. Ch. Kauzja's Silver Baron 
            +--Easter Blossom of Kauzja
                +--Kauzja Chelika

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