The Duke

Of Glen Albyn

1991-Aug. 31, 2007

The Duke has left the building

After a courageous 10 month battle with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Duke left us on a sunny early August morning here at home a few feet from my mother, his favorite person in the world. She misses him deeply, as do we all.

Duke was adopted at the Santa Barbara County Shelter's beautiful, modern feline adoption center by my brother Bill in early 2000. Bill looked at many beautiful and much younger cats, but when Duke stuck his paw out of the cage to pat Bill's arm as he stopped to look in the cage, that was it...Duke picked out who he was going home with and that was that!

When he got home and set the carrier down in the living room so my parents could meet the new family member, Duke poked his head up out of the top, looked around, and immediately shot out and in one big leap, dove under the bed.

No one saw him for weeks.

He came out on little (well, not so little, really) cat feet under cover of darkness in the still of the night, to eat, drink and visit the litterbox.

Gradually, he decided my mother was the love of his life, and my Dad and brother were also deemed acceptable. When I moved back from Idaho, he took a few days to decide I wasn't too terrible either. The dogs were his best buddies from day one. He and Merlin were very close friends, and Merlin misses him.

He was Mr. Purrsonality in every way and left huge pawprints on our hearts.

He patted my mother on the face for attention. He rarely did that to anyone else; it was their little thing. My Mom went to join Duke at the Rainbow Bridge on July 28, 2008 and I miss them both more than words can say.

If you want a great cat, check out your local shelter or rescue; you won't be sorry.  This senior fellow gave all of us who were privileged to know and love him, seven years of nothing but happiness and joy.

"Good night sweet prince,
And may flights of angels sing you to your rest.
As the shadows move across the lake,
Dream sweet dreams until you wake."

(from Shakespeare's "Hamlet")


Duke enjoys a spot of sun. Our cats are indoor cats, yet they have full lives!



                                                                                           Duke relaxes upside-down on the couch, showing The Great White Spot.


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